Interactive Fitting Room and Retail Displays Wow in NEC’s Booth at InfoComm 2015

June 24, 2015 Lea DeJarlais


Calling InfoComm 2015, the largest professional AV trade show in North America, big is an understatement. Last week, every corner of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida was packed with giant screens, amazing sound systems and impressive projection displays.

NEC Display Solutions, makers of visual display technology for a wide variety of markets including retail, exhibited their newest displays and projector capabilities in their booth which was located in the front of the exhibit hall. As show attendees entered the hall, they were treated to a sky-high wall of seamless screens, an interactive 3D model of the booth, and a retail shopping experience featuring Cabela’s products.

Inmotion, an Impinj partner, used the Impinj platform to enable multiple interactive experiences in the booth, including the Cabela’s retail area. These interactive experiences not only showed off NEC’s touchscreen capabilities, but also showcased shopper experiences that retailers can deploy to increase customer satisfaction and sales. By placing RAIN RFID tags on items of interest and readers overhead and at hotspots, Inmotion and NEC were able to seamlessly engage visitors in a variety of ways.

Rich Shopping Experiences


Outfitted with clothing and gear from Cabela’s, the retail area featured two experiences – interactive fishing reel shelves and a fitting room. The fishing reel shelves provided visitors with product information for each of the three reels as they lifted the items off the shelves. On the display, visitors also saw a social media feed and recommendations for similar items they might be interested in considering. The digital fitting room experience showed product information and imagery on clothing items that “entered” the room, automatically as items entered the space. Customers could also interact with the screen to click-through to different items. These experiences enhanced the shopper’s natural shopping behaviors by providing information and suggestions to them as they lifted, moved and interacted with products as they normally would. In a real retail setting, this type of experience gives the shopper the information they need to make a buying decision without requiring them to scan items or interact with any technology unless they desired.

Employee Location Tracking


Inmotion developed an employee locationing demonstration that allowed visitors to select an employee’s name and find out where they were in the booth. Each employee’s LinkedIn picture and job title was also displayed on the screen, helping booth visitors to identify the NEC associate they were looking for. This experience helped booth visitors quickly locate their sales rep and get the help they needed.

Community Wall and Prize Vending Machine


Visitors to the NEC booth were given a RAIN RFID prize card as they entered, and were told to visit all areas of the booth before scanning their card at a community wall. The more areas of the booth visited, the more entries the visitor had on their prize card giving them a better chance to win a prize at the RAIN RFID-enabled vending machine. Overhead readers in the booth tracked what areas the prize cards visited. If the prize card scanned was a winner, a vending machine automatically activated and dispensed a prize. Visitors to the booth loved this experience and won prizes like Amazon and Starbucks giftcards, iPads, Fitbits and Bose headphones. Similarly, in a retail setting, RAIN RFID-enabled customer loyalty cards can act in a similar manner as these prize cards. As a customer travels through a store and interacts with products, retailers can know what areas of the store a customer visits, and present them with personalized deals or alert them to products nearby that they’ve shown interest in in the past.


Visitors to the NEC booth were consistently impressed by the seamless retail experiences RAIN RFID technology provides. By leveraging RAIN RFID in a retail environment, retailers can start to build out engaging consumer experiences that monitor inventory at all times, provide on-demand product information and increase sales. Retailers can also collect valuable analytics from these product displays, which can be used to make better business decisions that grow sales and delight customers.

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