RAIN RFID Driving the Future of Business Innovation

June 17, 2015 Adriane Holter


At Impinj, we research and develop cutting-edge RAIN RFID hardware and software that fuels innovation, drives business results, and inspires magical experiences. We look at hospitals and know that Item Intelligence can improve efficiency and patient service by ensuring an accurate inventory of life saving drugs are always on hand. We look at a customer’s retail journey and understand that it can be enhanced with digital experiences that bridge the gap between online and in-store shopping. Before RAIN RFID technology was proven, it took vision and foresight to dream and believe that these solutions were achievable.

That foresight is why we love Deloitte’s recent annual report, “Tech Trends 2015: The fusion of business and IT,” which is all about looking to the future and predicting potential business solutions powered by technology. At the core of Deloitte’s findings is the need for business leaders to embrace rapidly advancing technology systems that will shift opportunities and challenges for their customers and stakeholders. This need becomes all the more pressing as the number of companies employing business IT solutions increases.

One of the highlighted business IT trends in the report is ambient computing, defined by Deloitte as “the backdrop of sensors, devices, intelligence, and agents that can put the Internet of Things to work.” Enter RAIN RFID technology and Item Intelligence that delivers real-time, accurate information about the location, identity, and authenticity of items. Although a crucial component, knowledge about items themselves is not enough to facilitate ambient computing – it’s the communication that happens between these items and the physical world experienced by humans that is at the heart of Item Intelligence. As Deloitte aptly points out, the true impact of the Internet of Things comes when the “things” are integrated into a larger, connected universe of business systems.

Examples of ambient computing systems powered by RAIN RFID abound. With its broad applications, RAIN RFID solutions can address even the most unique business needs. For example, King Hamad University Hospital in Bahrain provides automated and auditable methods for inventory management through its use of RAIN RFID technology. Intel developed a method to prevent theft with RAIN RFID technology that provisions, tracks, and monitors devices such as laptops and other equipment. In the below video, RAIN RFID technology connects an online customer request to the brick and mortar store they will soon be visiting in order to create a streamlined retail customer journey.



In the coming years, Deloitte predicts that ambient computing will continue to grow and drive innovation across industries. From connected cities to healthcare and medical research, we at Impinj also predict that RAIN RFID and Item Intelligence will spearhead significant gains in business innovation and customer experiences. 

What are your predictions? Share your thoughts with the Impinj community in the comments section below.


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