Wide-Area RFID Monitoring Provides Valuable Shopping Insights

April 23, 2014 Lea DeJarlais



Tracy Hillstrom, Impinj’s Senior Product Marketing Manager for the Speedway reader line, took time at RFID Journal Live 2014 to walk through Impinj’s in-booth xArray reader system demos, showing both the heat map demo and an SMS meet up demo.

Impinj xArray Reader Demo at RFID Journal Live

Both demos relied on the aggregated in-booth xArray readers generating one large 1,500 square foot read zone. The xArray reader systems reported the location of each RFID Journal Live attendee’s UHF badge (a Zebra UHF card with a Monza 4QT tag chip) visiting the booth, and compiled the data to give better insight into who was visiting the booth, how many times they visited, and how long they stayed. A sample of the data collected includes:

xArray Booth Statistics

Wide-area monitoring RFID systems, like the xArray reader systems used at RFID Journal Live, provide new and exciting insights into analytics that brick and mortar retailers have been unable to collect in the past. Tagging products with UHF RFID tag chips provides information into how customers interact with products. For example, if a product is regularly taken to a fitting room but isn’t converting, there may be a fit or pricing issue. Similarly, knowing that products merchandised together on a display are regularly purchased together gives retailers data that supports their merchandising efforts and encourages the use of in-store displays to drive sales.

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