Introducing Enhanced Maintenance and Speedway Connect 2.0

June 2, 2015 Louise Ping

We are excited to announce the new Enhanced Maintenance support and software bundle and the upcoming release of Speedway Connect 2.0. Both offerings help customers get the most out of their Impinj products.

Enhanced Maintenance 

Enhanced Maintenance is a support and software bundle that provides three years of priority returns support, access to software tools, and firmware upgrades for Impinj Speedway, xArray, and xPortal readers.

We understand that reliable service and replacement of hardware is key to deploying a successful RAIN RFID solution. The premium level of support offered by Enhanced Maintenance ensures that Impinj customers are able to efficiently resolve issues related to the maintenance of their RAIN RFID hardware and receive accelerated delivery of new hardware if replacement is necessary. Additionally, the Enhanced Maintenance bundle includes Octane firmware updates, licenses for Connect software – including Speedway Connect 2.0, and an IP license (where applicable) to ensure our customers have the latest Impinj hardware features.

The benefits* of Enhanced Maintenance include:

  • Access to the latest reader/portal firmware upgrades that provide the features to help your Item Intelligence solution achieve the best possible performance.
  • Maintain operational readiness of Impinj hardware with quick-response on preliminary hardware assessments.
  • Expedited replacement hardware shipping to minimize potential downtime.
  • Software licenses to run Speedway Connect.
  • Round Rock IP license requirement compliance (where applicable).

Customers with eligible Impinj readers have the opportunity to enroll in Enhanced Maintenance from June 2 to October 31, 2015. Visit the Enhanced Maintenance Product Page for more information on features.

*Please contact sales for specific information on applications and restrictions.

Speedway Connect 2.0

Available for download by end of June, Speedway Connect 2.0 software builds upon Speedway Connect with a redesigned user interface that makes basic reader configuration easier. Now is a great time to sign up for Enhanced Maintenance and get Speedway Connect 2.0 as part of the bundle. 




Speedway Connect 2.0 software runs on the Impinj Speedway and xPortal readers, enabling users to easily set configurations for a single reader and quickly access RAIN RFID data via multiple protocols (HID, HTTP POST, TCP/IP, Serial, or USB).

Speedway Connect 2.0 upgraded features include a simplified web user interface, integrated help, and expanded reader control settings. 

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