Impinj Introduces Monza® R6 Tag Chip to Drive Retail Applications

April 2, 2014 Lea DeJarlais


Monza R6 Optimized for Retail Environments


Today Impinj announced the all-new Monza R6 tag chip, designed to drive high-volume applications in retail stores and supply chains. Combining breakthrough features with unprecedented read range and write speed, Monza R6 enables retailers and brand owners to achieve significant performance improvements, unmatched data integrity and the lowest applied tag cost in their RFID operations while using smaller and more versatile tags that extend the benefits of RFID to new product categories.

Unprecedented Performance
Monza R6 boasts the industry’s best read sensitivity, measured at –22.1 dBm, and delivers 25% longer read range than existing RFID tags, resulting in faster and more accurate inventory-taking. This game-changing performance enables retailers to reliably deploy small tags, such as required on jewelry and cosmetics, and supports advanced usage models including full-time, hands-free data capture. Monza R6 is also the world’s fastest tag chip, requiring only 1.6 milliseconds to encode 32 bits of memory. Impinj’s STP® source tagging platform can encode Monza R6 at a blistering 9,500 tags per minute, allowing service bureaus to easily scale to the volume, cost and order turn-around times typically required by retail brand owners.

“In addition to its superior performance, Monza R6 is packed with revolutionary new features such as our AutoTune, Integra and Enduro technologies, all designed to enable RFID applications to scale to the next era of tens of billions of tags per year”, said Nikhil Deulkar, Monza Product Marketing Director at Impinj.


Impinj Monza R6 RFID Tag Chip


AutoTune Technology
Monza R6 chips leverage Impinj’s patented AutoTune technology to dramatically improve inlay responsiveness by automatically and continually re-tuning their on-chip radios to compensate for changing environmental conditions, including the effects of nearby materials like fabrics, packaging and fixtures. Retailers benefit from this innovative feature because Monza R6-based inlays will deliver more consistent and predictable inventory-taking results than inlays based on other ICs.

Integra Technology
Monza R6 tag chips include Impinj’s Integra technology, the first and only suite of diagnostic tools allowing users to verify the reliability of encoded data anywhere in the supply chain. Relying on Integra technology, retailers can build advanced shopping experiences and business processes knowing that Monza R6 will deliver accurate, highly reliable item intelligence.

Enduro Technology
With Enduro Technology, a breakthrough die-attach method for constructing high-quality RFID inlays, Impinj replaces traditional bumps with large copper pads on the Monza R6 chip surface for bonding to an inlay antenna. This large-surface-area bond improves the robustness of tag performance by increasing tolerance to variability of inlay manufacturing parameters, such as die placement accuracy and curing pressure, all while increasing the strength and durability of the final product.

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