New Impinj Chips and Reader SiP Deliver Enhancements to Retailers and Healthcare Providers

April 23, 2015 Lea DeJarlais


Last week at RFID Journal Live, Impinj announced it has expanded its portfolio of products and the Impinj platform's capabilities with the introduction of three new products: Monza R6-P, Monza S6-C and the Indy RS2000 SiP (system-in-package).

Monza R6-P – Protection. Prevention. Privacy.

The new Monza R6-P tag chip delivers privacy, loss-prevention and brand protection capabilities to retailers and brand owners, as well as the industry's longest read range, fastest encoding speed and outstanding data integrity. Retailers will immediately benefit from R6-P’s new features, including the ability to:

  • Quickly identify if an item has been sold as it passes through an exit gate without having to access an inventory database.
  • Prevent false alarms due to security tags from other stores entering the premise, letting store staff focus on customers and not the front door.
  • Leverage Monza R6-P to quickly identify counterfeit or diverted items without having to access a network or database.
  • Enhance consumer privacy by enabling the ability to toggle between long-range and short-range modes of operation. This feature complies with CNRFID European privacy standards, making it ideal for retail deployment and enabling retailers to process a return and place an item back into stock without having to attach a new hangtag.

Monza S6-C – One-Way Counter Capability

Featuring a fail-safe one-way counter, the new Monza S6-C tag chip is designed with secure ticketing and consumable metering solutions in mind. Monza S6-C enables RAIN RFID based secure ticketing solutions for transit, parking, events, parks and more, as well as secure metering for automated dosage-based dispensing of consumables in healthcare provider facilities. The S6-C features include:

  • Range-reduction switch: reduce read-range to ensure proximity when validating ticket, and increase read-range for in-park real-time locationing.
  • Secure Ticketing: Simple and secure methods for loading and consuming tickets.
  • Secure Consumable Dosage: Easily load dosage counts, securely deduct dosages upon consumption, and protect against tag re-use on counterfeit products.

Indy RS2000 RFID Reader SiP – A High Performance Embedded Solution

Ideal for inventory management, asset tracking, industrial automation and more, the RS2000 SiP (system in package) lowers the cost and complexity of embedding RAIN RFID reader capability into products. Ideal for moderate to long read ranges, the Indy RS2000 SiP’s small form factor enables a diverse range of embedded applications. The small size and high performance is a powerful combination that hardware OEMs can embed to enable Item Intelligence, inventory management, asset tracking, logistics, business analytics, industrial automation, access control, and authentication of consumables.

The Indy RS2000 Reader SiP is a high performance embedded solution that enables quick and easy development with low risk and fast time-to-market. Based on the market-leading Indy R2000 reader chip, the Indy RS2000 integrates all reader related components into an innovative small surface mount package that enables low system cost and support for four antenna ports.

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