The Impinj Platform Powers 13 Retail Solutions at NRF 2015

January 26, 2015 Lea DeJarlais


The Impinj platform of RFID products, including gateways, reader components, tag chips, reader chips, and software, powered many of the retail solutions showcased at the National Retail Federation Big Show 2015. These retail solutions included:

Creativesystems/Tyco: Creativesystem's point of sale and back office solution was demonstrated in the Impinj booth, while handheld readers paired with a retail software solution for inventory management were shown in the Tyco booth.


Demandware: Readers installled in the floor activated a point of presence display showing product information once a product being tried on was recognized.


Photo Source: Computer Weekly

Embisphere: This embiVentory handheld reader inventories items in a retail space, and connects via Bluetooth to a mobile device for easy inventory management. Store employees can use Embisphere's software application to monitor replenishment needs and locate missing items.


SMARTRAC: An always-on, ceiling-mounted gateway enabled tracking within the SMARTRAC booth.


Checkpoint: The Checkpoint booth showcased retail loss prevention and merchandise visibility solutions, featuring RFID handhelds and gateways.


Intel: An always-on RFID infrastructure in the Intel booth showed how a matrix of readers could be used to pinpoint the locations of all items within the booth, and how this could be applied to a retail setting by showing item pathways, locations (both on the move and on a fixture), and time spent in various store locations (like a fitting room).


eBay: Rebecca Minkhoff’s connected fitting room recognized products as they entered the room, displaying product imagery, features and benefits, available sizes, mobile downloads, and more on interactive mirrors. The mirrors also allowed customers to control their environment (lighting preferences), receive product recommendations, and even check out on the spot.


Avery: This new Avery RFID printer encodes and verifies tags with two embedded Impinj Indy RS500 SiPs.


Fujitsu: Real-time item locationing in this booth demonstrated how an always-on solution can help sales staff know when an item has been picked up by a customer for purchase, or left on an incorrect fixture, so they can immediately replenish inventory. GlobeRanger's software also helps sale staff locate the product's correct location.


Hybris/SAP: The SAP booth featured the Hybris In-store Digital Experience fitting room, equipped with an Impinj RFID reader and a tablet computer. When an item was brought into the fitting room, it appeared on the tablet. The customer could use the tablet to choose a different size or color and have the selected item ‘delivered’ to the room. The customer could also select items to create a wish list, which could then be sent to them via email.

Screen_Shot_2015-01-16_at_12.57.21_PMPhoto source: CNET

inMotion: The Impinj booth featured three interactive experiences from inMotion, including two interactive fitting rooms and a smart fitting room. The interactive snowboard and jewelry displays provided visitors with product information about the items they were looking at, while the smart fitting room displayed product features and imagery as well as suggested add-ons as a customer entered the room.

Data2: The jewelry counter in the Impinj booth featured jewelry tagged with Data2 RFID inlays displayed in RFID-friendly jewelry fixtures. A handheld reader with Creativesystems' software allowed visitor to quickly inventory all items in the display case without having to handle each item.

Cybra: Cybra showcased how RFID can be used for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS), helping retailers to reduce shrink. Their demonstration, in the Impinj booth, showed how tagged items that haven't been purchased  can activate an alarm if taken through an exit point, while items that have been purchased can be immediately removed from a store's inventory, allowing the customer to leave with the items.

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