Impinj to Showcase Partner Solutions at NRF

January 6, 2015 Lea DeJarlais


Visitors to the Impinj Lounge, booth 1570 at NRF's Big Show 2015, can interact with retail experiences powered by Impinj and developed with our Retail Experience Center sponsors Creativesystems, Inmotion, Data2 and SMARTRAC.

The Impinj lounge is stocked with Mervin Manufacturing’s 2014-15 line of Lib Tech snowboards, apparel and accessories, all tagged with SMARTRAC hangtags and adhesive labels which provide unique identifiers for each Lib Tech item.

The lounge is equipped with Impinj xArray® gateways, which provide hands-free, always-on monitoring of all tagged items in the space. The information collected by the xArray gateways, called Item Intelligence, delivers real-time visibility into product identity, availability and location within the store, creating numerous opportunities to deliver better service to customers.


Creativesystems' Quickstart application seamlessly integrates the store and back office applications, automates and improves inventory management, and focuses on improving store operations. By leveraging our joint technology, Impinj and Creativesystems allows the sales staff to do what they do best, engage in the human interaction, while at the same time, improving accuracy of inventory, decreasing the amount of overhead, and allowing a much smoother integration with an omnichannel experience. Visitors to the Impinj Lounge can try Creativesystems' automated point of sale, inventory the space with their iOS app that works with a handheld Bluetooth reader, and run reports on the space.


Inmotion's software suite combines Origin, Listening, and database applications with interactive displays, product content, and raw data from Impinj readers and gateways to create an automated and intuitive brand experience. Sales staff and customer alike can learn about products while the brand owner retains their voice and messaging. At NRF, an interactive snowboard display developed with Inmotion engages visitors with product information as items are placed on a special rack. Customers can watch product-specific videos, discover specs, or build their own board. Similarly, an interactive jewelry display provides customers with stone and metal specifications. The smart fitting rooms provide visitors with additional information about related products as they bring items in to try.


The Jewelry display features RFID-enabled tags and RFID-friendly fixtures, provided by Data2. The jewelry is integrated into both an Inmotion interactive display and Creativesystem's Quickstart application.

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