Creating Engaging Customer Experiences Throughout the Shopping Journey

December 29, 2014 Lea DeJarlais

With inventory accuracy achieved by way of an RFID-based Item Intelligence solution, retailers can begin to implement enhanced shopping experiences at all points of the shopper’s journey. This journey traditionally consists of six steps: go, search, learn, try, buy, and get. However, the current shift to omni-channel retailing and the rise of mobile device shopping has allowed each shopper’s journey to become unique and personal. Because of this, retailers must integrate digital experiences into physical locations, keeping customers engaged while shopping in store, and enabling the collection of data, much like the data collected when customers visit an eCommerce website.

According to Retail Systems Research's (RSR) store research survey, 33% of shoppers would like retailers to bring more digital experiences in store. Not only will adding these experiences engage customers and increase their satisfaction with their in-store experience, but they'll also help retailers capture important data. Types of data can include:

  • Effectiveness of a loyalty program
  • What products are interacted with most
  • How customers travel through a store
  • Items searched for most
  • Which items aren't converting once taken to the fitting room
  • If suggestive selling is increasing average order value
  • And more...

Our new E-Book, Item Intelligence & The Shopper’s Journey, illustrates the types of engaging customer experiences retailers can create at each step of the shopping journey and how those experiences enable the collection of these types of data.

Download this E-Book to find out what kinds of engaging customer experiences you can implement in your retail location, and how they’ll help you make data-driven business decisions.


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