Why Retailers are Choosing Item Intelligence to Collect In-Store Data

December 17, 2014 Lea DeJarlais


The retail industry, and in particular, apparel retailers, lead the adoption of RFID-based Item Intelligence. Item Intelligence gives real-time visibility into item location, identity and authenticity, providing retailers with in-store data that can be leveraged when making important business decisions.

Retailers broadly recognize that they can generate compelling returns by adding RFID tags to individual items and by leveraging the resultant Item Intelligence to increase sales, not just reduce supply-chain costs. These item-tagging use cases enable retailers to better leverage inventory and address the growing opportunities and threats posed by online retailing.

Once inventory accuracy is achieved, retailers can begin to collect Item Intelligence on customer interactions, not just item movements. Types of data include:

  • Web shopping to in-store conversion rates: are customers adding items to their cart, then heading to a store to try on and buy?
  • In-store search terms: how are customers looking for products? What are the search terms being used to find specific items?
  • A/B product information testing: What kind of information helps customers make buying decisions? Are images compelling, or is more detailed product information driving sales?
  • Fitting room conversion rate: Are items being taken into the fitting room making it to the point of sale? Are some items being consistently left behind?

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