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December 1, 2014 Impinj Inc

Impinj Alliance Partner Profile: noFilis

NoFilis' CrossTalk AutoID Suite leverages the Item Intelligence data gathered from Impinj readers and gateways to provide better insight to all areas of the supply chain. Impinj readers and gateways provide raw data that is processed into map-based location information that integrates with a number of backend and automation systems.


The CrossTalk solution enables manufacturers to leverage lean manufacturing techniques by providing the real-time data to make agile decisions. Manufacturers that have deployed the solution are seeing a reduction in overhead, increases in efficiency throughout the supply chain and integrated resource planning capabilities across their ecosystem of suppliers. This pretested and standardized solution allows manufacturers to deploy changes quickly and with confidence.

Our joint solution delivers: 

  • Warehouse and Supply Chain Automation
  • Work-in-Process & Re-Work Management
  • Yard, Line and Lot Management
  • RTLS and Object/Asset Tracking
  • Fleet Management

Join our webinar on December 4th to learn more about the xArray gateway and our joint solution with noFillis. 

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