Why Retailers Need Item Intelligence on Black Friday

November 25, 2014 Lea DeJarlais

Black Friday Shoppers need Item Intelligence

Recently, Target announced they’re teaming up with an indoor mapping technology company to update their mobile app to display store floor plans. The maps feature pinpoints showing where to find Black Friday deals and doorbusters, helping customers to navigate the store and get to the products on sale in a more efficient way. The maps will also help Target gain insights into their customer’s path to purchase and improve their floor plans, merchandising and store planning.

Black Friday is known as one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Shoppers typically line up for hours, rushing inside as doors open in search of special deals (usually only available in limited quantities). Product availability is not always communicated or guaranteed. Even though Target’s mobile app will now show pinpoints of where products are merchandised, these pins don’t guarantee the product is there or available.

To improve customer’s Black Friday experiences, retailers should leverage Item Intelligence, a data stream collected from RFID-tagged items that provides information on product identity and location. By using an always-on, wide-area monitoring system like the xArray gateway, in conjunction with RFID tags, retailers can provide customers with real-time product locations and availability. That way, if one customer places an item on a wrong shelf, the next customer will still be able to find it. Customers can also feel confident about visiting a retail location as retailers can provide real-time product availability information on their website.

The benefits of Item Intelligence aren’t limited to sales applications. Once a retailer achieves full inventory visibility, they can begin to use the RFID tags to develop engaging in-store customer experiences, collecting data from these experiences that guide better business decisions.

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