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February 23, 2017 Impinj Inc


Finding the convergence between effective care and operational efficiency is no easy feat; but for healthcare providers in today’s busy world, it’s an absolutely must. In order to meet new demand, hospitals and providers are turning to RAIN RFID technology to provide cost-cutting solutions that enhance patient care.

At HIMSS, a premiere Healthcare IT conference, Impinj hosted a breakfast discussion on the transformative powers of IoT technology in the healthcare industry. The briefing included a moderated discussion followed by a Q&A sessions with panelists including:

  • William C. Hammond, Director, Supply Chain, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • Dan Altman, Capital & Support Services Operations Manager, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Arpit Mehta, Pharm.D., MPH, Pharmacy Operations Manager, Inova Fairfax Medical Campus
  • Steven J. Zoglman, MHA, Inventory Management Specialist/Project Manager, US Dept. of Veteran's Affairs

Lead by Impinj Healthcare expert Wendy Werblin, the discussion imparted several insights demonstrated how RAIN RFID solutions empower doctors and nurses to work more effectively and, ultimately deliver a more personalized patient experience:

  • Whether managing all inventory for a hospital or a more discrete set of items like pharmaceuticals in the emergency room crash carts, the implementation of RAIN RFID has increased organization and efficiency within the clinical setting for hospital staff.
  • Each facility is eager to expand RAIN RFID to additional use cases within their facility.
  • Most of the hospitals started their deployments with a single use case, before expanding new ways to apply the technology. In fact, one hospital now manages more than 200 read-points across three facilities.

The main reasons cited for deploying these solutions was to derive better efficiency of existing resources, time savings, or increased patient safety or care, but often job satisfaction for the teams and effected departments was a secondary unexpected outcome.

We’ll be posting blogs about each of the four speakers solutions and insights so come back daily to read the full series. To see how RAIN RFID technology can improve the care you deliver, visit our library to learn more, or speak with a RAIN RFID expert today.

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