Impinj's Core Values in Light of Recent Events

February 1, 2017 Chris Diorio

Message to all Impinj Employees

February 2, 2017

In light of recent immigration-related events I would like to reaffirm Impinj's core values, as well as describe specific actions Impinj will or may take as events unfold.
Impinj is an international company. We manufacture internationally, sell internationally, and have wonderful employees of great talent who hail from all corners of the globe. We cherish the diversity represented by each and every one of you, and we live-and-breathe our core values of integrity and respect.  We also have a compassion and willingness to stand for and with those in need.
Impinj's culture is our anchor. We appreciate every individual's strengths, background, and the diversity that only comes from having a global workplace. Our cultural anchor in our people will never change. Impinj's management team strives to make decisions that align with our culture and are in the best interest of our company, our employees, and our future. That future includes an international presence and a global and diverse workforce.
In light of the current situation, we are assessing the impact on our employees and our company and determining how best to protect our employees and their families from adverse effects. We will provide assistance to employees affected by the current situation. 

We are also a Washington State company, and we support the actions of our state and local government.
I look forward to an ongoing discussion, and I encourage each and every one of you to share your feelings and beliefs. I am personally proud of the culture we have built and I look forward to making it better with you. 
During our IPO ceremony, I shared my belief that we are all here to make the world a better place. You have my commitment, and the commitment of Impinj as a company, to strive towards that goal. Let's together make the world a better place.

About the Author

Chris Diorio

Chris is CEO, Vice Chairman, and Founder at Impinj and an Affiliate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. Passionate about technology, Chris was instrumental in the development of the RAIN RFID Alliance, UHF RFID, and the UHF Gen2 protocol. He has 142 issued patents and 67 scholarly publications. Chris has received numerous industry awards including the 2015 ACE Awards Innovator of the Year, 2011 RFID Journal Special Achievement Award, and 2007 AIM Global Ted Williams Award. He earned his Ph.D. from Caltech in 1997 and has over 30 years’ experience in computer and radio engineering. A fan of all things fast, Chris has the biggest smile on his face when racing his car around a track.

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