Fashion Retailer Vivienne Westwood Protects Brand with Woven RAIN RFID Labels

October 11, 2016 Impinj Inc

To combat grey market activity, fashion retailer Vivienne Westwood is using woven RAIN RFID labels to tag their products. These labels look like typical woven fashion labels used in apparel and accessory items today. But they contain a tiny chip that authenticates the source of an item – and can identify which products are authentic and which are counterfeit or from grey-market sources.

The woven RAIN RFID labels are produced by Impinj partner TexTrace. Since these brand labels are considered to be legally a part of a product, brand owners now have an additional way to take action against unauthorized resellers.

“TexTrace offers the right mix of technology, textile expertise and reliability to deliver a woven RFID brand label that meets the exacting standards of the Vivienne Westwood brand,” said Nurben Usta, from the Vivienne Westwood production department. “We won’t sacrifice our brand for technology. TexTrace helped us imagine ways to use technology to enable a better distribution process and achieve the peace of mind that comes with authentication of our brand.”

Learn about the Impinj and TexTrace solution for anti-counterfeiting and product authentication.


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