Impinj Partners with Accruent Healthcare Solutions on Mobile Medical Device Tracking & Distribution Using RAIN RFID

June 23, 2016 Impinj Inc


Automates the management, distribution and availability of mobile medical equipment

Keeping track of mobile medical equipment in hospitals can be a challenge. Hospitals with high asset inventories average 10-15 devices per bed*. After equipment is used for a patient, often it must be cleaned and reset for the next patient. In fact, a McKinsey study showed that hospital expenses for supplies and services outpace regular budget growth by nearly 2:1. To reduce costs, hospitals are looking for technology solutions to streamline and automate asset management. 

The solution from Impinj and Accruent automates the management, distribution and availability of mobile medical equipment. Equipment tagged with Impinj RAIN RFID is tracked as it moves around the hospital. Impinj connectivity gateways and readers in key areas read these tags and notify the Accruent system to initiate service requests or communicate equipment availability. 

With Accruent’s software, clinical staff request equipment using an online web portal and monitor progress in real time. When the equipment passes an Impinj connectivity gateway or reader, the Accruent system is alerted to the equipment’s location and history. This enables workflow automation. For example, when soiled equipment is detected, cleaning requests are sent. When the equipment is ready for use, staff is notified to return it to circulation. And rooms are monitored to ensure equipment is available according to desired levels. 

Since the hospital staff knows where and when equipment is available, they work more efficiently. Device utilization is reported based on demand orders, refill requests and soiled pickup requests. Hospital leadership has clear visibility into costs and can better plan equipment purchases. The solution from Impinj and Accruent combines a lean, closed-loop workflow, easy-to-use software and leading RAIN RFID technology.

Register for the webinar, From Cutting Costs to Driving ROI: Benefits of Automated Asset Tracking, to learn more about this partnership solution.

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* Source: Out of Control: How Clinical Asset Proliferation and Low Utilization are Draining Healthcare Budgets by Rusian Horblyuk, Kristopher Kaneta, Gary L. McMillen, Christopher Mullins, Thomas M. O'Brien and Ankita Roy for GE Healthcare 

** Source: How Sourcing Excellence Can Lower Hospital Costs by Scott Lichtenberger, MD; Everett Neal and Drew Undgerman. McKinsey Health International 2010 report



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