Intel and Impinj to Develop Internet of Things Solution

June 14, 2016 Impinj Inc


We are pleased to share that we are working more closely with Intel to create an offering that meets the needs of modern retailers. Our collaboration with Intel is nearly a decade in the making. The Retail Sensor Platform since inception has relied on the Impinj Indy RS2000 Reader SiP (system-in-package) for performance and reliability for the RAIN RFID component of the platform. Now, the Intel Retail Sensor Platform will be part of the Impinj Platform.

To help retailers improve store operations, boost top line sales and deliver actionable data analytics, the Intel Retail Sensor Platform will be available as part of the Impinj Platform to deliver inventory intelligence. The combined offering provides highly accurate inventory tracking, robust customer insights, and overall operational efficiency, all beautifully embedded in an approachable architecture designed with connected retail in mind.

Impinj will brand and sell the Intel Retail Sensor Platform which will integrate with Impinj ItemSense software. ItemSense provides Item Intelligence information to applications and will make application integration and deployment easy for the Retail Sensor Platform. Also, ItemSense is specified to run on Intel® Core™ i5 and i7 processors.

The benefits of the solution include:

  • Near-100 percent inventory accuracy
  • Increased top-line sales through better on-shelf availability
  • Boosted sales from omni-channel fulfillment
  • Application-ready platform for business-transforming data analytics

Read additional details and Intel’s perspective here.

To learn more about this the Intel integration with Impinj, please contact sales.


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