On Being an Intern at Impinj

September 17, 2014 Joey McFarland


This post is part of our series, Day in the Life, in which a different employee gives a taste of what it’s like working at Impinj. Vicky Tran shares what life is like as an Applications Engineering Intern at Impinj.

What is your role at Impinj?

My role at Impinj is to create wireframes, mockups and designs for demo applications at the Impinj Retail Experience Center (REC). The REC showcases how Impinj technology enables engaging customer experiences and the collection of valuable data in a retail space. I’ve also created graphics for various documents and icons.

Describe a typical day in the life as an Applications Engineering Intern at Impinj.

I grab a cup of tea then get to my desk and open up Adobe Illustrator to work on a design. I usually add to the mockup, change it and fix it to improve it until it satisfies all expectations. Some days I attend meetings. The comments and suggestions from the meetings are very critical to improving my design or implementing a brand new design. I always design several versions per project so the team can pick which one works best. Only one design of many is chosen for the final product. The design is then coded into a working application. I send my graphics over to the computer programmer on the project and explain my design. At times I’ll help with the CSS styling of the page.

As an intern I like talking to different people at lunch and around the office to get to know everyone and the company as a whole better. Sometimes at the end of work days, I get a chance to share a few laughs and stories with coworkers. I’ve enjoyed attending tech meet-ups and events around the office with coworkers.

What do you like most about your role?

I love creating new designs and coming up with fresh ideas out of thin air. Sometimes doing research helps with the design process but in the end the design is original and unique.

What do you like least?

I am sad I only get to be here for a few more weeks!

Also, part of design requires tweaking little things over and over, and editing a design numerous of times before a final design is completed. Sometimes it feels tedious to change the color of an icon slightly darker or slightly lighter, but in the end it’s all worth it. Every little change makes the design the best it can be.  

What is your favorite project you worked on at Impinj?

I really enjoy making the demo for the Retail Experience Center show how the xArray reader system can help customers locate what they need.

Why might another student want to intern at Impinj?

I really enjoy interning at Impinj. The people around me are friendly and nice as well as helpful in teaching me new things and helping me grow as a UX UI designer. The work assigned to me relates directly with my major and it’s a good way for me to build my skills and use the skills I’ve learned in class. I feel like the work I am doing is being used and is beneficial to the company. 

Oh and how can I forget ice cream and bagel Fridays are the best! In the time I was an intern I got a chance to go to a Mariners game, we had a party for the World Cup, the interns went on an electric boat ride, and we watched our CFO get drenched in a bucket of ice and water.


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