Junkyard Improves Inventory Management with RFID

November 15, 2013 Impinj Inc

Junkyard Improves Inventory Management with RFID

A US-based junkyard was in need of a better tracking system for scrap cars in the expansive and challenging environment of a salvage yard.  Cars are moved often and piled on top of each other as they are scrapped for sellable parts and eventually recycled. Today junkyards typically manage the inventory and processing of vehicles by pen and paper, an error prone method dependent on busy employees manually recording each move and process the car undergoes. Incomplete records can result in time consuming searches for employees that are a waste of labor resources. The junkyard turned to RFID for the solution.

The new RFID solution incorporates a tag designed by TrazeTag that combines an Impinj Monza 4 RFID chip and a resilient rubber encasing to combat the challenging environment where the cars are stored. These tag features allow for dependable reading in an area that is rich with the presence of metals and exposed to extreme temperatures and water, all of which can affect tag readings.

The system affixes an RFID tag to each car when it is entered into the junkyard’s inventory. To track vehicles, tags are interrogated by readers on forklifts that trigger a video camera that is attached to the forklift. The camera records each process and movement the car is put through and serves as a reference when a vehicle needs to be located. Now that the RFID solution has been deployed, the junkyard can quickly access information about the current inventory and reduce labor spending by locating vehicles faster than ever before.

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