Unlimited Vacation Empowers Impinj Employees for Success

July 2, 2013 Karina Miller

At Impinj we’re building a high trust, high results culture. We want this to be a place where employees work hard, have fun, and find the life balance they need to succeed. In line with this, we recently made a change to our benefits package by creating an Open PTO policy. Sometimes called an unlimited vacation policy, Open PTO means employees are empowered to take time off in a way that meets the unique needs of their jobs, teams, and the company, as well as their careers and personal lives.

According to a recent article in TLNT, the shift to Open PTO puts us on the cutting edge: only 1% of companies offer unlimited PTO.

Some of the benefits of our Open PTO plan include:

  • New hires don’t have to wait to accrue vacation or take unpaid leave to take time off.
  • Fewer employees come to work sick, which prevents illnesses from spreading.
  • Employees who previously “saved” their vacation for a rainy day are more inclined to take vacation when they actually need it rather than burning themselves out.
  • Employees report less stress when they need to take a day off for family care.
  • We have reduced the administrative burden of accruing, reporting, and tracking paid-time off.
  • It levels the playing field for newer employees.

You might ask, “How do you prevent employees from taking ridiculous amounts of time off?” The pressures of the job and team, a desire to advance one’s career, and some management oversight all provide good balance for making choices that work for both the employee and the company.

There are a few downsides: our senior-level employees lost their seniority advantage over newer employees, and some employees still don’t feel comfortable taking time off if they don’t have a balance to draw from. Overall, though, it’s been a positive change, and one we hope will continue accruing long-term benefits for the health and well-being of Impinj and our employees.

Speaking of benefits, we’re hiring, so if you’re interested in Open PTO and all of the other great things about working at Impinj, check out our job openings on the Careers page and apply online for immediate consideration.

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