Democratizing Embedded RFID: Tablet, Sensor and Temperature Monitoring Applications

July 8, 2013 Nikhil Deulkar

Democratizing Embedded RFID: Tablet, Sensor and Temperature Monitoring Applications

Just over a year ago, Impinj made Embedded RFID a key corporate focus area for the company. Aligned with this focus area we launched two new products: Monza X tag chips in 2012 and more recently the Indy RS500 reader SiP. Both of these products are enabling new usages and creating new business opportunities for our partners by dramatically lowering the barriers to embedding RFID into electronics.

Monza X tag chips feature a standard I2C serial bus interface for communication with microprocessors. This simple interface unlocks the many benefits of UHF RFID to electronics devices. One year after the launch of Monza X chips, it is interesting to see the variety of electronics devices that are already embedding these RFID chips.


Tablets, One of the Hottest Consumer Electronics Categories Today, Embed Monza X

Last year, at RFID Journal Live 2012, Intel demonstrated usages for Monza X chips in tablets. Intel’s big customer, HP, is now using these chips in their latest HP Elitepad business tablets and their HP Envy X2 consumer tablets. Other OEMs are designing in Monza X chips for configuring devices by leveraging the distinct advantage of passive operation of UHF RFID (no battery/power required).

Sensor Data Loggers Embed Monza X Chips

But you don’t have to be a top global consumer electronics company to be able to use Monza X chips. Identix, an upcoming RFID company in Brazil, has leveraged the simplicity and ease of use of Monza X to bring a sensor data logger, the xLogger to market. This tiny credit card-sized device can be customized to include a variety of sensors such as humidity, pressure and accelerometer. The Monza X-2K Dura chip stores the sensor data log and provides the conduit for UHF RFID readers to access that data wirelessly.

Cold-Chain Temperature Monitors Embed Monza X Chips

By bridging the gap from sensors to the Internet wirelessly, Monza X is opening doors to new Internet of Things applications and business models. TempTRIP, a subsidiary of Sealed Air Corporation, is revolutionizing the cold-chain industry. Their temperature monitoring tags using the high-memory Monza X-8K Dura chips have enabled an innovative tracking service that makes cold-chain applications much simpler, effective and efficient. Take a look at this video that highlights the solution.

Democratizing embedded RFID is not only about delivering the right products such as Monza X and Indy RS500, but also about breaking the economic barriers to adoption. For electronics manufacturers these economic barriers include assurance of reliable supply of chips over multiple years, aggressive BOM cost targets and short development cycles to beat competitors. Impinj ships billions of Monza 5 tag chips for item-level tagging applications such as inventory visibility in retail stores. This provides Monza X chips a strong economic foundation for reliable supply and economies of scale for meeting BOM cost targets.  Moreover, Impinj’s Monza X development kit and platform-independent software API are enabling far lower development costs and faster time to market for our partners.

Monza X chips have started liberating the access to RFID in a wide variety of products and applications. The recently launched Indy RS500 reader SiP will similarly simplify the embedding of RFID readers.  Embedding RFID into products and using it to drive new applications and business is no longer a privilege confined to a select few. How will you use this new-found freedom?

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