RFID Solution Opens Up Host of Social Media Marketing Opportunities

April 23, 2013 Kristen Hess

RFID Solution Opens Up Host of Social Media Marketing Opportunities

Nissan Europe is utilizing an RFID-enabled solution to promote products at car shows via social media. RFID company dwinQ provided the system to TBWA/BEING, Nissan’s creative partner, who then integrated the system into Nissan displays into numerous events including the Paris Motor Show, a private Leaf Tour, the Geneva International Motor Show and the Paris International Marathon.

The system is made up of RFID-tagged badges and a combination of readers by Impinj, ThingMagic and MPI Label Systems. Read data is collected by dwinQ software, and is forwarded to the user’s selected social network.

How It Works
At the Paris Motor Show, attendees arrived at the Nissan booth and were invited to participate in a variety of interactive activities, and share their experiences on Facebook or Twitter. Those interested entered their social media login information on an iPad. Each person’s specific login information was then linked to the unique ID number encoded on his or her RFID-enabled badge.

Individuals then proceeded through twelve RFID reader stations offering various photo booths and games. At one station, a touch screen led the visitors through a series of steps to take and superimpose a picture of them on the cover of Elle magazine, promoting Nissan’s Micra Elle car model. An RFID reader read each person’s tagged badge, dwinQ’s social-media platform linked the appropriate badge ID number with the user’s social media account, and then posted the photo update on his or her page.

At RFID-enabled kiosks displaying information about new Nissan cars, visitors were invited to swipe their badges at nearby readers and then press “like.” The kiosk’s information and picture were then posted on visitors’ Facebook or Twitter pages.

Other stations gave attendees the opportunity to design their own cars, create their own sounds for the Leaf electric car, or take their photo in a Nissan NV200 and then share it all on social media via RFID.

Nissan used a smaller version of the solution during last year’s Leaf Tour in six Scandinavian cities. Each person signed up, received a RFID card linked to his or her social media login information, and then got into a Nissan Leaf. He or she tapped their card near a reader inside the car, which prompted the system to record a 15-second video of the user in the car, and post it on his or her social networking site.

At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Nissan used the dwinQ solution, which consisted of 17 “sharing stations”, equipped with RFID readers, and provided the same types of picture and game experiences as those offered at the Paris event.

The dwinQ system was also used by Nissan at the Paris Marathon’s Runners Expo. Participants took pictures of themselves, superimposed to appear to be wearing NASCAR uniforms, and then shared them with their Facebook and Twitter followers via Dwinq’s RFID system.

The dwinQ RFID solution has provided an interactive and fun experience for attendees at trade shows, and has utilized those same attendees to market the Nissan brand. At the Paris Motor Show alone, it is estimated that the Nissan message reached a total of 400,000 social-network members. dwinQ estimates that for each person who uses its social-media solution, the message reaches 500-800 people.

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