Retailer Tracks Customer Flow with Temporary RFID System

May 8, 2013 Kristen Hess

Retailer Tracks Customer Flow with Temporary RFID System

After a successful 10-week pilot at a Toronto supermarket in 2012, Moxie Retail is now ready to roll out its short-term RFID solution with Canadian retailers. The technology was developed for Moxie by the Academia RFID Centre of Excellence, and is designed to help retailers track which displays generate the most customer interest, the customer dwell time at displays, and which items are then purchased.

For the pilot, MPI Label Systems developed special RFID tags, encasing Smartrac ShortDipole M5 inlays (powered by Impinj Monza 5 chips) in plastic and foam to improve on-metal readability. Academia and Moxie Retail then tagged all shopping baskets and metal-wire carts, and mounted 25 Impinj Speedway Revolution four-port RFID readers, Antenna Hub multiplexers, and 150 Motorola reader antennas on product shelves and counters throughout the store.

As shoppers moved around the store, the Speedway readers captured location data from the baskets’ and carts’ tags. Academia middleware received and interpreted the location data, and communicated that data to Moxie Retail’s software. Moxie Retail’s software was then able to analyze location data in comparison with the products in that area, and provide information to the retailer about which products were generating the most customer interest and dwell time.

The retailer was able to use Moxie Retail software to analyze the relationship between the customer’s route through the store, where and how long the customer paused, and what he or she ended up purchasing.
The retailer plans to return the Moxie Retail system to the store to see how the store’s rearranged displays have impacted shoppers’ store routes and subsequent purchases.

Moxie Retail intends to market its solution worldwide, and may even choose to offer it on a permanent basis to certain retailers. Using the Moxie Retail temporary solution is cheaper for retailers than installing a permanent system, but there are many advantages to long-term installation. For instance, stores could set up software to give alerts based on read data, such as an alert to put another employee on checkout duty if a lot of carts and baskets go into motion within a short period of time.

Learn more about Moxie Retail’s RFID-enabled solution in the full article.

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