RFID in Italy: Solutions for Asset Tracking, Logistics and Retail from Solos Identificazione

May 13, 2013 Impinj

RFID in Italy

Solos Identificazione e Protezione is a leading Italian system integrator with solutions for applications including retail, logistics, anti-counterfeit and track and trace. When fashion brand Patrizia Pepe adopted Solos’ Powered by Impinj solution, warehouse processing efficiency doubled. Solos CEO Alessandro Vivarelli joined Impinj for a Q&A.

From our standpoint there are three main markets which represent a concrete opportunity for RFID technologies in Italy: logistics, the fashion industry and asset tracking.

Logistics is nothing new. However, RFID has been growing steadily during the last few years and we forecast this trend to continue for the near future.

The fashion industry represents a key asset for the Italian economy and it has been experiencing a deep change recently. The shopping experience is especially affected by this change because of an increasing user-generated demand for in-store technologies. RFID is already involved in it, and can soon have a leading role in this transformation process.

Asset tracking is not easy in Italy for many reasons, including some morphologic aspect of our country and the lack of technological infrastructure in transportation (e.g., railways). This is widely seen as a big issue for the Italian economy. Tracking technologies, RFID included, have already been identified as viable solutions.

Our company is considered one of the leading solution providers in all three of those application areas. We have developed over time a solid network of partners through which we are now able to deliver a 360 degree range of solutions not only for the markets mentioned above, but for tracing, counterfeiting and grey market control too, just to name a few. In particular, we have been developing since a long time a unique experience for customers who need to add interactivity and software integration into their retail stores and showrooms.

Our flagship cutting edge RFID solution is with no doubts our order entry showroom’s (in-store) environment. We provide an out-of-the-box solution, which includes RFID enabled labels combined with a wide range of reading devices, such as multitouch tables and tablet computers including the Apple iPad. This allows an unparalleled straightforward shopping experience for a store’s showroom customers. In the same market, we also offer a high-end solution, which allows fashion brands to introduce extended reality interaction during their sales campaign.

RFID is a mature technology which allows a wide range of businesses to track and control their end-to-end supply chain. It also gives them the chance to feed their CRM and ERP with a massive amount of data with the warranty of a short investment break-even.

  1. What are the emerging applications and markets for RFID technology in Italy?
  2. What solutions does Solos Identificazione have for these applications?
  3. Can you tell us about a recent deployment?
  4. What do you want potential customers to know about RFID?
Alessandro Vivarelli, Solos Identificazione

Alessandro Vivarelli is the CEO of Solos Identificazione e Protezione. He has worked in the security industry since 1994.  Mr. Vivarelli earned a degree from I.T.I.S. Tullio Buzzi in 1986.

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