Leading Businesses Improve Operations with RFID in Logistics

February 20, 2013 Joey McFarland

RFID in Logistics

Businesses around the globe are improving operational efficiencies by using RFID to manage logistics. RFID in logistics applications are wide-ranging and have shown measurable impact on load productivity, on-time delivery, shipping and receiving accuracy, fulfilling demand and more. Keep reading for a summary of the benefits companies are seeing from RFID in logistics.

Improving Warehouse Operations

The warehouse environment calls for high load productivity, efficiency and accuracy, making it the ideal environment to benefit from RFID.

Carrier Corp, a Fortune-50 company and the largest HVAC manufacturer in the world, has seen 33% improvement in shipping productivity and 80% reduction in shipping errors since incorporating RFID into their warehouse operations.

Baxi, a leading Italian company in the heating sector, has estimated a 17 month return on investment (ROI) since implementing a system that gives them complete traceability of their products throughout the supply chain. RFID speeds up their shipping processes, while eliminating errors.

Bell Helicopter uses RFID for warehouse management, tracking containers and parts as they move from the company’s central distribution center (CDC) to one of eight production sites. Bell Helicopter has already achieved a return on investment (ROI) for the RFID system, having saved approximately $300,000, surpassing its total investment of $250,000.

RFID Enables Optimal Loading for On-Time Deliveries

In Spain, leading cleaning product manufacturer KH Lloreda & online grocer Tudespensa use RFID to verify optimal loading of delivery trucks.  Drivers can more efficiently deliver their cargo to customers and the systems automatically detect order mismatches and load errors.  The two companies are reaping the benefits of reduced manual labor and happy customers.

Insourcing Logistics Made Easy with RFID

While companies frequently outsource their logistical needs, when Italian fashion producer Malìparmi turned to RFID to help them insource all logistical operations, the company achieved ROI in one year.  Malìparmi found the technology dramatically reduced warehouse costs and increased accuracy, while also providing them with an improved quality control process.

Automating Paper-Based Operations

Manually recording incoming and outgoing products is an error prone process requiring a high amount of manual labor. And errors can be costly.

For firearm distributors, a record-keeping mistake can lead to fines or a total business shutdown. American Tactical Imports (ATI) and AmChar Wholesale have significantly reduced that risk and improved efficiencies since adopting an RFID system to track the movement of guns throughout their facilities.

For medical device manufacturer Promedon, a packing error could leave a surgeon without necessary equipment during a procedure. The company turned to RFID to automate order matching, ultimately seeing a 75% reduction in packing time.
These companies represent only a snapshot of the businesses who are improving operational efficiencies with RFID powered by Impinj.  You can find more success stories on our case studies page. If you are interested in speaking to an expert to see if and how RFID can benefit your business, please contact us.

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