RFID Strips the Guesswork from the Dressing Room

February 26, 2013 Kristen Hess

Black flats from Common People

Purchasing new clothing can be a daunting task. Shoppers face many questions: “Does this look good?” or “What can I wear it with?” and “Will my friends make fun of this hat?”

At Common People, a concept store in Mexico City, shopping is made easier on customers through the shop’s innovative RFID applications. With the help of Digilogics S.A. de C.V., a label converter that provides RFID solutions to retailers, Common People has installed Impinj Speedway® RFID readers in its dressing room and sunglasses display. These have dramatically changed the way people shop.

As a shopper enters the Common People dressing room to hang his or her clothing, the RFID tags on the clothes are read and images of them appear on a touch screen along with suggested accessories. The shopper is then able to click on the accessories to find cost and manufacturer information. He or she is also able to email this information to friends or family. Thus, the shopper can match clothing and create outfits with ease.

If the customer needs a different size or color, or even an opinion about the item he or she is trying, a simple click on the touch screen summons a sales associate to help.

When a Common People customer tries on a pair of sunglasses, a motion sensor is activated, the RFID tag on the sunglasses is read, and information about them instantly displays on a touch screen. A camera, mounted above a mirror in the sunglasses display, allows the shopper to take photos and email them to friends and family, to obtain feedback about how they look and what to buy.

In an increasingly competitive retail world, Common People has found a way to stand out. Its RFID applications give patrons the instant access to information that has traditionally only been available in e-commerce, while simultaneously providing all of the benefits of an in-store shopping experience.

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