RFID Helps Tudespensa Meet Customer Expectations

December 21, 2012 Joey McFarland

RFID Helps Tudespensa

Tudespensa.com is an online grocer offering home delivery service of food, beverage, cosmetics and household supplies throughout Spain.  Customers place orders online and can schedule a delivery within 24-48 hours.  In order to meet customer expectations for speedy and on-time delivery and the freshest produce, Tudespensa (Your Pantry) invested in an RFID solution from Impinj partner RFID Dipole in its central warehouse in Madrid to facilitate optimal loading of delivery vehicles.

Tudespensa’s warehouse stocks ‘normal flow’ items such as cosmetics and non-perishable goods. ‘Tense flow’ products including produce and meats arrive at the warehouse from suppliers daily to be immediately loaded into customer orders.  Goods entering and leaving the warehouse both from suppliers and to customers are transported in plastic totes, which are affixed with Smartrac Frog 3D inlays, each containing an Impinj Monza RFID chip with a unique ID number.  Once totes are loaded with a customer order, each tote’s unique ID number gets associated with that order in RFID Dipole’s software.

Customer orders are assigned to delivery vans according to delivery time and location.  Filled totes are loaded into vans based on delivery sequence.  At dock doors, Impinj Speedway Revolution readers interrogate the RFID tags on totes to ensure orders are loaded into the proper vehicle in the correct sequence.  An alarm will sound if an error is detected.  The system ensures drivers don’t have to search for totes at each delivery point, thus leading to faster delivery.

Tudespensa also uses the solution to track their delivery assets, as it provides visibility into the number of totes on hand at the warehouse and the number unreturned by customers and suppliers.  Færch Plast and Japan Pallet Rental are among other companies who are also better managing shipping containers with RFID.

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