RFID Equipment for a Variety of Applications from atlasRFIDstore

October 16, 2013 Impinj


RFID Equipment for a Variety of Applications from atlasRFIDstore


Founded in 2008, atlasRFIDstore is an e-commerce store that provides a secure, one-stop location to buy RFID hardware and components. The company serves more than 2000 customers worldwide and has seen 471% growth over the last three years. James Thrasher, atlasRFIDstore’s Marketing Strategist, tells us the benefits of their e-commerce experience and why they’re seeing such amazing growth.

What solutions do you offer for specific industries and applications?

atlasRFIDstore offers industry agnostic RFID equipment suitable for a multitude of applications. Our clients’ industries range from aeronautics, telecommunications, and oil & gas corporations to theme parks, race management providers, and candy & confection companies. Our product expertise allows us to help customers develop new solutions in a wide range of applications. Customers buy and configure products for a variety of uses including supply chain management, access control, inventory tracking, attendee tracking and much more. We also have special partnerships within the race timing industry and will help customers source a complete race timing solution.

As more industries see the benefits of uniquely tracking individual objects via wireless radio frequencies, they turn to atlasRFIDstore for RFID hardware. Our customer base is increasingly diverse, and we’re seeing growth across all customer segments. Also, we’re seeing an increased interest in not just UHF RFID, but also in near-field communication (NFC) and HF RFID, and we’ve recently begun offering NFC tags.

What is driving your growth in the RFID industry?

Currently, race timing is the fastest growing industry among our customer segments. In the past, races were timed manually with an army of workers who wrote down times at checkpoints and finish lines. This manual process was time intensive, inaccurate, and expensive, especially for large races. RFID chip timing systems have automated the timing process. RFID tags are assigned to runners, and the timing system records their time-stamps as each unique ID passes through RFID antenna checkpoints. These systems give race managers a cost-effective and fast solution which provides accurate split times and finish times almost immediately. Many of our customers provide timing services to event organizers, but we’re seeing a growing number of organizations who are building their own timing systems.

We’re also seeing RFID being quickly adopted in event and attendee management. Though the technology is relatively new to the exhibitor industry, RFID has proven to be beneficial to both exhibitors and attendees. Previously, exhibitors scanned barcodes to track which attendees visited booths and sessions at conferences. However, manually scanning individual badges created long lines at entrances and congestion in high traffic areas hurting the overall attendee experience. Now, RFID badges have streamlined the lead retrieval and check-in processes. Appropriately-placed RFID readers and antennas automatically read the badges at checkpoints set-up on the show floor, reducing wait-times and lengthy lines. Additionally, exhibitors have access to detailed event analytics which can be used to improve future shows.

atlasRFIDstore continues growing as more industries discover ways to incorporate RFID into their existing processes. The growth of the race timing and attendee tracking niches proves that RFID isn’t just for large, industrial applications, but can be used in a variety of systems to improve outdated, manual tasks.

How do you differentiate your store from other online RFID stores?

We do this through our customer centric philosophy which enables an ideal customer experience and superior service.  In addition, we provide educational resources for our customers and source only the highest quality products in our store. I elaborate on each of these below.

Customer Centric Philosophy

At atlasRFIDstore, we follow a very customer-centric philosophy. Whenever we make a decision, we make a conscious effort to understand how that will affect our customers first and foremost. More importantly, we choose options benefiting the customer both in the short term and in the long run. Obviously, no company succeeds without their customers, so we don’t take ours for granted.

Customer Service

The atlasRFIDstore team focuses on creating a customer-friendly website where buying RFID becomes a streamlined experience. atlasRFIDstore is easy to navigate and provides a secure and safe checkout which accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.

The sales engineers at atlasRFIDstore make an earnest effort to establish a relationship with our potential customers. The sales team takes a consultant-like approach to helping customers. After asking questions and learning about the potential application, our sales engineers recommend product solutions specific to the customer’s situation. Also, our customer service team answers questions quickly via phone, email, and our online chat system.

Customer Education

If we can better educate our customers about the capabilities of RFID technology, we give them a better chance to succeed with their applications. Beginning this year, we’ve been turning our website into a valuable resource for RFID information. We’ve written several free RFID eBooks like Basics of an RFID System which helps customers who are in the early stages of evaluating RFID for their solutions. Also, our RFID blog, RFIDinsider, publishes articles weekly covering various aspects of RFID technology and its uses across industries.

Wide Product Offerings from Trusted Sources

While atlasRFIDstore offers a wide array of RFID hardware and technologies, atlasRFIDstore only carries quality products like the Impinj Speedway Revolution RFID readers. It’s important that our customers receive only the best RFID equipment, so we vet all manufacturers before adding products to our store. Because we establish relationships with Impinj and other hardware providers, atlasRFIDstore offers only the best RFID readers, tags, antennas, and accessories.


James Thraser

James Thrasher is the Marketing Strategist at atlasRFIDstore.com. His primary responsibilities include driving all marketing efforts and improving customer experience. James resides in Birmingham, Alabama, the corporate headquarters of Atlas RFID Solutions, Inc.

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