Embedding RFID Reader Capability Just Got Easier

December 5, 2012 Mohammed Sajid


In order for RFID reader capability to make its way into new smart appliances, low cost mobile computing and gadgets, embedded reader products need to be small, low cost and easy to use. RFID reader chips like the Impinj Indy® product line have come a long way in terms of ease-of-use and provide ultimate flexibility in meeting embedded RFID application needs, but they still require some engineering design work. RFID modules save significant development time but they are usually big, expensive and require added system cost due to cabling/connector hardware. The new M6e-Micro from ThingMagic is changing the game for modules—it’s small, easy to use and lowers system costs.

ThingMagic M6e-Micro embedded RFID readerThe M6e-Micro is ThingMagic’s first surface mountable UHF Gen2 RFID reader module and it’s tiny at just 26x46mm2. It is based on the Impinj Indy R2000 reader chip, which ensures that it will be a high performer. This is a powerful combination that will improve existing embedded RFID applications like handhelds and printers, but more importantly it will make it easer to embed RFID into a growing number of new applications like medical appliances that authenticate consumables, low-cost reader devices connected to smartphones that enable mobile POS, or access control applications that require small form factors. This new module will help drive UHF RFID adoption because of its size and performance.

The key new characteristic of the M6e-Micro is its ability to be soldered to a PCB, similar to a typical component that gets soldered to a motherboard. There is no need for cables, connectors or mounting hardware, which is typically used with traditional modules on the market today. This new packaging lowers system cost and enables smaller form factors that will fuel a growing number of embedded applications. The M6e-Micro also offers up to 30dBm output power at two separate RF ports. Please visit www.thingmagic.com for more information.

Embedding RFID has never been easier. To learn more about embedding small RFID readers or tags, please visit: www.impinj.com/embeddedrfid/.

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