Guide to Europe Part 1: Where to Experience RAIN RFID for Retail

February 22, 2016 Adriane Holter


Do you live in or travel to Europe? The European continent is vast and opportunities to explore large-scale RAIN RFID for retail first-hand abound.

Reading a brochure is nice (did we mention we have some great brochures too), but sometimes seeing is believing. Here is a sampling of European brands and stores that have RAIN RFID deployments that increase sales, improve customer experience, and enhance operations.

Marc O’Polo
Since 2014, Marc O’Polo has used RAIN RFID in its stores and those of its business partners. Marc O’Polo’s RAIN RFID deployment ensures efficient replenishment and inventory accuracy. The deployment has created seamless replenishment from DC to store. This inventory knowledge has increased the quality of outbound products and the available product range for customers, while simultaneously helping to grow sales. Marc O’Polo is represented in thirty countries.
Gerry Weber International
Gerry Weber International introduced RAIN RFID to their entire supply chain in 2009. The deployment has focused on optimizing the logistics and retail process and creating a new form of electronic article surveillance. The success of the deployment has resulted in RAIN RFID expansion into the Houses of Gerry Weber internationally. According to the company, approximately 30 million pieces of garments per year are equipped with RAIN RFID.
Zara uses RAIN RFID to gain greater visibility into item availability, which is helping change how they operate their stores. Increased visibility has also reduced the amount of manual effort and time required by store employees, freeing them up to accomplish other tasks for the business. Zara is rolling RAIN RFID out to ~2,000 stores internationally.
Moods of Norway
Norwegian fashion brand Moods of Norway deployed a RAIN RFID solution that is yielding major results. The brand reports having over ninety-eight percent stock inventory accuracy and twenty-five percent web sales fulfillment from stores due to RAIN RFID. Moods of Norway has many brand stores in Norway and also sells items through other retailers.
Marks & Spencer
Marks & Spencer employs RAIN RFID for a variety of uses by tagging goods from point of manufacture to point of sale. Full supply chain tracking helps Marks & Spencer grow their business and focus on delivering exceptional service to customers. Future growth areas for Marks & Spencer’s RAIN RFID deployment include customer experience, loss prevention and operational efficiency. Marks & Spencer is an international, multi-channel retailer with more than 500 stores in the United Kingdom and another 420 stores in other parts of the world.

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