Retail Case Study: Billabong

August 17, 2011 Impinj


A Billabong sportswear clothing store in Iguatemi Alphaville shopping mall, located in Barueri, Brazil, is testing an RFID-enabled system and has already seen a boost in store traffic and sales due to customer curiosity about the technology.

Each item in the store's inventory is tagged with an UHF RFID tag, providing store staff with inventory and point-of-sale data. The RFID system provided by VIP-Systems includes an electronic article surveillance (EAS) applications coupled with security cameras for loss prevention purposes. The deployment also enables a number of engaging customer experiences, including: Smart POS, Smart Dressing Room, Smart Logistics, Smart Exhibitor, Smart Inventory, Smart Loss Prevention, Smart Replenishment and other applications that can improve the interactivity and the mobility of customers and employees.

The Smart Exhibitor system  gives customers on-demand product information. Customers simply hold up an item's tag next to an Impinj RFID antenna, and when scanned, an iPad display shows more information on the item they are holding, as well as other products that may compliment the item on display.

The store is also equipped with Smart Shelves which feature built-in Impinj RFID antennas wired to an Impinj reader. These shelves provide real-time inventory counts of the products sitting on the them,  and help store staff members locate where products are and whether or not they are sitting in the wrong spot.  The Smart Loss Prevention experience includes an RFID antenna installed under the checkout counter that deactivates a tag once the item is purchased. When the customer exits the store, a reader at the door captures the tag ID and checks it again the inventory management system. If the tag has not been marked as sold, an alarm will sound.

Source: RFID Journal


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