ShopWithMe Interactive Retail Pop-Up Stores Come to Life with Inmotion and Impinj

January 16, 2016 Adriane Holter


Impinj, Inmotion and ShopWithMe announced that ShopWithMe stores are now fully enabled with RAIN RFID technology, creating the world's first smart, portable, interactive retail environments. All store products and fixtures use embedded RAIN RFID to create a truly dynamic shopping experience. 

Interactive retail solutions that connect items in a store using RAIN RFID are transforming the way shoppers interact with store merchandise. RAIN RFID allows retailers of any size to leverage the benefits of inventory intelligence, interactive product experiences and smart fitting rooms to streamline business, enhance the shopper’s experience and deliver quantifiable results.

“ShopWithMe is driven by the idea that online and offline shopping experiences complement and reflect the best of both channels,” said Jonathan Jenkins, Founder and CEO of ShopWithMe. “Inmotion helped  make our vision a reality. The Impinj platform makes it possible to continue to further the development of new retail innovations that provide customers with a satisfying experience while also providing brands new technology with measurable impact.”

In-store innovations developed by Inmotion for ShopWithMe utilizing the Impinj platform include:

  • Retail Pixel Wall – Displays brand engagement and product information when shoppers interact with products. All items in the store have a RAIN RFID tag so that as a shopper approaches the Pixel Wall with an item, information about that item is displayed on the digital wall in front of them, helping them find available sizes, styles and colors.
  • Reactable Table – Shoppers can learn about a product by simply selecting it from a vertical or horizontal digital display table.  Selecting merchandise from the table triggers interactive product information on the display.
  • Smart Fitting Room – When a shopper brings clothing items to the fitting room, interactive product information is displayed directly on the mirror for the customer to explore. The mirror also has suggestive selling components, conversion incentives and options for the shopper to request additional items through mobile alerts to the salesperson.
  • Assisted Checkout – No more waiting in line at checkout. RAIN technology detects and groups items in an electronic shopping cart. Shoppers can swipe a credit card or use the ShopWithMe mobile app to complete their transaction.
  • Wayfinding – For shoppers looking for a specific product, Impinj’s platform detects the location of store inventory, directing shoppers and staff to exact product locations.

“It’s exciting and challenging to work with an innovative retailer like ShopWithMe to bring their vision to life. We share their passion for pushing the experience forward for shoppers and brands, and we’re fortunate to have a partner like Impinj, whose technology platform makes it all possible,” said Frederick Bleckmann, Founder and Creative Technologist at Inmotion.

“RAIN is making new interactions and experiences possible for brands and retailers of all sizes,” said Eric Brodersen, Impinj President and COO.  “ShopWithMe has boldly reimagined the in-store shopping experience and Inmotion was a key player in bringing it to life. We’re proud to know our technology and platform make that possible. With partners like Inmotion and ShopWithMe, we strive to innovate solutions that solve business challenges while also better serving the customer.”

Image via ShopWithMe

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