Forbes Highlights xArray Reader System as Retail Inventory Management Solution

May 22, 2014 Lea DeJarlais



Retail analyst and Forbes contributor Paula Rosenblum highlights the xArray reader system in the article How Walmart Could Solve Its Inventory Problem and Improve Earnings. In this piece, Rosenblum explores how Walmart’s inventory problems lead to a $3 billion loss in sales in 2013 due to out of stock merchandise and how RFID technology, especially the xArray reader system, could play a critical role in solving this issue. She writes: “Impinj, in particular makes a reader called Speedway xArray that allows for wide-area monitoring (approximately 40-foot-diameter read coverage) and provides continuous reporting of what’s in its “sights.”  From a pure technology standpoint, this is exactly what retailers have needed to make RFID effective. Tag prices have already come down to reasonable levels for most products, especially apparel. Smaller footprint stores could achieve full coverage in the store at a very reasonable price point and ultimately eliminate the need for physical inventories (an incredibly costly exercise).  This in itself is a HUGE opportunity, but I also saw a pretty big application for the back rooms of large-box retailers like Walmart.”

To read the full article, click here.

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