Impinj China Delivers Item Intelligence and RAIN RFID to APAC

July 20, 2015 Adriane Holter

Impinj headquarters calls Seattle home, but we have employees and operations around the globe. Impinj’s Chinese office located in Shanghai is a cornerstone of our global presence and drives Item Intelligence solutions for a large customer base in APAC.

Impinj China, formally known as Impinj RFID Shanghai, has experienced tremendous growth and success since it was established in 2010. In just five short years, Impinj RFID Shanghai has moved office locations three times to accommodate growth and new hires in sales, sales engineering, marketing and support.


Impinj China Lobby

The physical office location also provides a convenient spot for APAC businesses and customers to demo solutions and the latest RAIN RFID technology. A notable feature of Impinj RFID Shanghai’s office is an Impinj xArray lab that customers can visit to experience first-hand how an always-on, wide-array reader delivers real-time Item Intelligence about the identity, location, and authenticity of items. This monitoring gives companies unprecedented access to information that helps them make informed business decisions and deliver better customer service.


Impinj China xArray Lab

The rapidly increasing number of RAIN RFID solutions being deployed throughout APAC complements Impinj China’s physical office growth. “Our presence in China isn’t just one product or market,” said Yue Xi Savage, Impinj’s Vice President of APAC. “China is consuming Impinj products across all spectrums and industries.” Among these industries, key solutions in retail, government sectors and manufacturing have been deployed during the last five years. 

Impinj RFID Shanghai embraces the future of business IT trends and the growing need for businesses to employ efficient processes. For instance, many Chinese manufacturers are deeply interested in the computerization of manufacturing to improve production plant efficiency. This concept, commonly referred to as Industry 4.0, provides value to businesses by unlocking the Internet of Things to create smart factories. By implementing solutions with Item Intelligence, Impinj China is a critical partner for manufacturers looking to streamline their factory systems as part of Industry 4.0.

Other notable projects implemented by Impinj China include power meter tagging, anti-counterfeit measures and logistics management. At a wide view, the broad spectrum of solutions implemented in APAC by Impinj China is testament to the increasing number of RAIN RFID and Item Intelligence applications globally. As the RAIN RFID solutions currently deployed in APAC continue to prove the value of Item Intelligence for businesses, we at Impinj have no doubt that additional solutions for the technology will continue to unfold.

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